Hooves for Hounds

June 3, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
L&P Appy Acres
32443 128th Ave
Manteno, IL 60950
This is a fund raiser for Forget Me Not Animal Rescue. ALL proceeds from this class will go to the rescue!

This is an four hour educational clinic designed to help horse owners or other professionals to understand the horses hoof. This is also a required class for certification. It will be in lecture format with power point and MANY preserved specimens to demonstrate, parts and pathology.

Understanding the natural hoof and natural locomotion and their effects on your horse.

It’s not just the hooves. Joints can be affected too.

Increasing shock absorbency, flexibility and allowing your horse to break-over naturally.

How a healthier hoof can change your horses performance.

Why having a natural hoof is more than just pulling the shoes!

Instruction on using hoof boots, and the variety available.

Subtle changes you can make so you can continue to ride your horse immediately after the removal of horseshoes.

Individual Hoof Parts

The Sole, what to trim and future goals.

The Frog, why is it so important? How to make it the healthiest.

The Hoof wall, Should it be the main weight bearing component?

The Pathologies that plague us!

White Line disease
Club Foot

The cost of this clinic is 50.00
To register please go to:
Register for the Exploring the Equine hoof mini clinic


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