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Maine Coon

About Me

Whiskey is friendly with respectful cats, and enjoys having a friend to keep him company. Dogs and children are unknown, but Whiskey responds best to a calm atmosphere.

Whiskey is very gentle and affectionate with his human and current feline companion. He loves cuddles and relaxing in his human’s lap,and lets his foster mom give him tons of kisses. Whiskey is very food motivated, he loves to chase treats tossed around by his human, and loves his wet food that comes with medicine time. Whiskey also does not mind getting his beautiful fur combed everyday or shaved into a lion’s mane.
As a result of contracting FIP as a kit, Whiskey does have minor neurological impairment in his hind quarters, which does affect his bathroom control. Whiskey is on medication to reduce his issues to a minimum, but will be on them long term